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Women's Self-Defense

Self Defense Training


The benefits of learning self-defense is more than learning how to protect yourself. A good self-defense program will boost confidence, make you feel safer, and can even improve self-esteem and body-image!!


Would you like to..

Learn to be more calm and confident when dealing with conflict?

Be able to identify potential threats and situations to help avoid being attacked in the first place?

Improve your self-confidence to resolve conflicts in an assertive but peaceful way that benefits both parties?

Be empowered to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones?

Feel safer and know what to do in a bad situation?

Learn to trust your instincts instead of letting fear put you in a bad situation?

 What Makes Our Self-Defense Program Different?

Many people feel vulnerable and unsafe at times and just want to feel safe again. Peace of mind is one of the most valuable  things a person can have. Self-defense training can give you peace of mind by knowing that you can defend yourself. What makes our program different from most is that we actively work on assertiveness training and building your confidence in the techniques.

How do we build this confidence? Confidence is built overcoming difficulties. In self-defense it is built by applying your moves to actual resisting partners. We ramp this resistance up slowly so that you can safely build up to near full resistance from your training partners. The best way to be confident with your moves is to test it over and over again until you know it works!

To sum it up, in our school, we like to say that we are training everyone to be warriors and not victims!

You don't have to be a black belt to have solid self-defense skills!

You do not have to be a black belt to be able to defend yourself! Self-defense is all about learning to be confident in yourself and aware of what is happening around you so that you can avoid dangerous situations! Of course, we will teach you solid yet simple moves that can be done to help escape if you ever find yourself in a bad situation that you could not avoid.

Self-defense classes will NOT make you a black belt or cage fighter! It takes YEARS to gain those kind of skills. However, you don't have to be a black belt to make yourself a harder target and less likely to be attacked! It will take practice to make moves work for you, so we only focus on high-yield moves that require minimal training time. Self-defense moves are not meant to subdue an attacker as much as provide an opportunity to escape!


Welcome to True Strength Martial Arts!

Contact us to schedule a FREE trial class at the following:
Phone: (479) 648-9400


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