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Advanced (Black Belt) Kata Demonstration Videos

First 2nd Degree Black Belt Kata.

This page is a resource for our students to access all katas and forms they may be working on in class. These videos are intended to be supplemental to live in-class instruction.

Kusanku Sai
Advanced Sai Kata based on Kusanku.
Kama Kata
Kuai Shou Kuen #3 - (Translation: 3rd Form of the Fast Hands System)
This is the 3rd and final Fast Hands Form.
Muk Yan Jong - (Translation: Wooden Dummy Form)
Chatanarga Sai Sandan - (3rd Degree Sai Kata)
Tonfa Kata Sandan- (Translation: 3rd Degree Tonfa Kata)
Suei No Kon - (Advanced Bo Kata)
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