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Japanese Sword Arts (Ages 13+)


Japanese sword arts deeply focus on the balance between the mind, body, and spirit. In Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu, we learn the tenants of Bushido and what that means in our lives. A strong swordsman has to learn to remain calm and centered no matter what kind of battle they may face. Attributes such as patience and control are the ideal weapons of a swordsman. We train the mind by teaching our students new techniques and strategies to overcome conflict. We train the body by practicing techniques and requiring focused practice that develops the body. We train the spirit by teaching our students to discipline themselves and exert control over their emotions.

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Studying the ancient art of Japanese swordsmanship is not only about learning how to use a sword, but also how to conquer your own limitations! Through disciplined training you will learn samurai culture, mindset, and philosophies that can enhance your martial arts training and even your daily life!

How Can Learning Samurai Sword Arts Improve Your Life?

Are you interested in..

Developing the mind/body coordination needed to master yourself?

Developing the samurai mindset and be able to face conflict with calm and confidence?

Learning how to apply samurai strategies to become a better, stronger version of  yourself?

Learning Japanese culture and samurai heritage?

Learning how to overcome  your own mental and emotional limitations?

Being able to stay focused and centered when dealing with stress or conflict?

What Japanese Sword Arts Do We Teach?

We teach authentic samurai battlefield techniques that many modern schools have lost. We strive to uphold the tradition and effectiveness of these ancient (koryu) schools of Japanese sword. Our program focuses both on Kenjutsu, and Iaijutsu. Kenjutsu referring to the techniques used by samurai while engaged in battle with the sword already drawn. Iaijutsu refers to being in a state of rest with the sword sheathed. It is more of a defensive counter style as the practitioner has to evade/counter attacks starting while the weapon is sheathed instead of ready for action.

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