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Summer of Excellence!!

Sunday - May 21st
Summer of Excellence Launch Party! 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Where: Rose Room - Creekmore Park Community Center
**Please bring your own drinks & side dishes**
**We will be providing hamburgers & hot dogs**

May 2024 - August 2024

Summer of Excellence 2024 Schedule!

Summer of Excellence Point System:
1 - Point for each class attended (Beginning June 1st)
2 - Points for every Summer of Excellence Event attended
2 - Extra points for each friend brought on Buddy Days
(repeat friends only count once)

Saturday May 4th
Stranger Safety Training!
Where: True Strength Martial Arts
When: During Little Ninjas & Youth Martial Arts Classes!

Sunday June 2nd-
Summer of Excellence Launch Party!
When: 3:30pm
Where: Ben Geren Park Pavillion #1 (Closest to Storm Shelter)

Saturday June 15th
Buddy Day! Bring a friend to try a class and earn extra points!

Saturday June 29th
Board Breaking Day!
Learn how to break REAL boards and get a photo op!

Saturday July 20th
Parent Appreciation Day!

Saturday July 27th
Buddy Day! Bring a friend to try a class and earn extra points!

Saturday August 10th
In-School Martial Arts Tournament!

Sunday August 25th
When: 3:30 pm
Where: Ben Geren Storm Shelter
Back to School Celebration & Award Banquet!

Saturday - June 22nd
N.C.M.A. 2024 Annual Tournament in Springfield, MO!


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Please Click Below for Regular Classes & Schedule:

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