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Why is Violence so Scary?

What makes violence so scary? Why is it so easy to panic and freeze up if you are ever attacked by someone who wants you dead or injured? There are many reasons for this, but the panic is generally caused by the feeling of helplessness. When we feel helpless we tend to panic because we do not know what to do if we are attacked. That is why the majority of victims of sexual assault do not fight back. If you have no prepared responses to a scary situation, adrenaline can cause you to freeze up no matter how much you tell your body to move. How do we overcome the panic?

We overcome it by building our confidence up. If you will train your self-defense techniques repeatedly and even gradually build up to resisting opponents, you will find your confidence increase drastically. Will you still be scared? Yes, most definitely. Even professionals such as military or police who have to employ violence regularly get scared each time. Fear is not your enemy. Being frozen by panic is. Fear is a good thing. It keeps us from doing stupid things and give us the incredible gift of adrenaline. You can harness this through training, sparring, and many repetitions in your techniques. The biggest obstacle to dealing with a violent attack is your own emotions. Build your confidence, train against resisting opponents, learn how violence works and you will find yourself empowered and much more confident in all walks of life.

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