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U.K.G.A. Code of Ethics

U.K.G.A. Code of Ethics

The United Kempo and Gung Fu Academies adheres to a code of ethics that bind us together as a family oriented organization as well as ensure the proper development of one's potential. A martial arts student cannot reach their full potential without possessing certain virtues. A person who has mastered these virtues has mastered him or herself.

Only through mastery of one's self can anyone reach the highest levels of martial arts excellence. Because of this, we focus on developing the character of our students as well as honing their martial arts skills. Students of The United Kempo and Gung Fu Academies learn more than just techniques and strategies. Students learn how to live a successful life by developing themselves not just physically, but also emotionally and mentally.

U.K.G.A. Code of Ethics:

1. Courage - Courage is not the absence of fear, but the overcoming of it.

A new student has to practice courage their first day of training. It takes courage to commit to learning something new especially with a group of people that the student may not know. Students learn to face their own fears, anxieties, and self-doubts little by little each class. Over time, digging deep for courage becomes easier due to constantly facing your own weaknesses and overcoming them.

2. Humility - Recognizing the value of another person is not a weakness, but a showing of true strength.

One must have confidence to be successful, however it is important to humble oneself toward others. Martial arts training is centered around recognizing the value of those around you. No matter one's strengths and weaknesses, everyone can do something that you cannot. Our students learn to respect their instructors and fellow classmates. Even our instructors show courtesy and respect to the students that they teach. Even if one is a teacher, the teacher must recognize that all others are of equal value to them and deserving of respect.

3. Strength - True strength is not just physical, but comes from the resolve of one's mind and emotions.

Students begin to develop strength as soon as they begin classes. Exercising courage is a part of being mentally strong. Just as we learn to train our bodies, we learn to train our minds to be calm under pressure, and to truly believe in ourselves. As our bodies become strong and our confidence grows we begin to understand the true nature of strength.

4. Knowledge - Knowledge is acquired through study and experience over time and is the precursor to wisdom.

Knowledge is acquired over time by our students as they learn about themselves, their own strengths, and weaknesses. They are taught martial arts techniques, strategies, how to take care of their bodies, proper nutrition and exercise, and even how to calm their own minds. Knowledge is the seed that makes one bloom into a true martial artist in and out of the dojo.

5. Wisdom - Wisdom is the level above knowledge. It is the ability to know how and when to apply knowledge.

Wisdom is not to be confused with knowledge. Wisdom isn't about having a large amount of knowledge, but being able to know when one should or shouldn't use their martial arts techniques. One that is wise is able to control his/her emotions to make proper decisions during confrontation and in life. Just because you have strength doesn't mean you should use it. Wisdom allows us to know when to act, when to show compassion, or when to stay still.

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