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The Art of Listening to the Opponent

The best fighter is not the one that imposes their will on an opponent, but rather one that can "listen" to the opponent's actions and then act upon it. If you are more focused on what you plan to do instead of what your opponent is doing, you have essentially blinded yourself from the path to victory. It is better to view your opponent as a unique puzzle to be solved, and recognize that the way to solve that puzzle will be revealed to you by their own actions.

Let the opponent show you how to beat them. Apply some patience and do not assert yourself too forcefully. Remember that every time you launch an attack, especially one that is committed, you also make yourself vulnerable to a counter-attack. Our martial arts philosophy is one of balance. If you are unbalanced by being too assertive or even too passive, you make yourself vulnerable. Keep the mind clear and open so that you can see the opportunities for victory. The knock-out blows, throws, and even submissions will show themselves if you know how to "listen" for them.

A fight is a lot like having a conversation. You have to learn to listen to what someone is saying in order to respond appropriately just as you must be sensitive to your opponent's actions. This is best practiced during sparring sessions. Learn to "listen" to your partner and you will find yourself winning more often by being able to respond with the right technique at the right time. The right technique performed at the right time is what wins most often.

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