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Reality Check: 10 Truths of Self-Defense

One of the biggest keys to a successful self-defense program is to have the proper mindset. Effective self-defense as well as most things in life begin with how you think. Our self-defense guidelines will help you to have the proper mindset needed to survive a violent attack.

Guide to Self-Defense:

1. Make yourself a hard target! Studies have shown that 87% of women that resist either physically or even verbally are successful in stopping the assault. Close to 100% of women that comply are still raped and killed.

2. Self-defense is not about defeating your attacker. It is about making yourself a harder target and creating an opportunity to escape the situation.

3. Quit trying to win the fight. Winning a fight isn't nearly as important as surviving it. Let go of the ego and realize your safety is more important than defeating an assailant. Assess the situation properly and never put yourself in an inferior position. For example, if you are attacked with a deadly weapon and have a chance to escape safely, let go of the ego and get away instead of wrestling with the attacker.

4. This one is important enough to say again, never put yourself in a vulnerable position. Don't go to strange places by yourself if possible. If someone gives you a bad feeling, avoid them even at the expense of being rude. Many victims had a bad feeling about their attacker before they were attacked, but ignored it because they didn't want to appear rude.

5. Basic self-defense is not a substitute for consistent martial arts training.

6. Self-defense does not have to be complicated or very difficult. The goal is to become a harder than normal target against normal attackers, not become a professional fighter or martial arts master.

7. It takes years to become a great martial arts practitioner. Don't get self-defense confused with becoming a good fighter. These are two very different things. Most people don't have the time or motivation for this type of training. Good self-defense classes are designed to be simple, easy to learn, yet still empower someone to be safer than they would have been with no training.

8. Practice the techniques you have learned often. Techniques learned but not practiced will not help you when you need them.

9. Re-train often. Constant review goes a long way to ensuring that the techniques will be there when they are needed.

10. Always be aware of your environment and situation. Unplug from your mobile devices when out in public. Keep your eyes up. Pay attention to who may be watching you. Nothing gets an attacker's attention quicker than finding a target that is unaware of what is happening around them.

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