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Learn to Inspire Others!

A black belt is not like most people. Someone that becomes a black belt has a responsibility to inspire others with their actions and habits in and outside of the dojo. Those who wear a black belt, whether they intend to or not, acts as an example to those that look up to them. I first noticed the effect that I had on others soon after I earned my first black belt. When I first saw this in action, I was sitting on the bleachers at a local martial arts tournament surrounded by a group of kids and their parents. The parents and kids were asking me questions about the tournament and about martial arts in general. It was a pleasant conversation, but nothing out of the ordinary. A few minutes before I had to start participating, I finished putting on my black belt. Immediately after I put the belt on, all of the kids looked at me with wonder. They all acted like I was a superhero once I put that belt on! It later occurred to me, that in their eyes I really was a superhero and with that came the responsibility and opportunity to make the world around me a little bit better.

Every time a young student asks me if I think that they can be a black belt, I immediately respond by letting them know that whatever they want in life they can achieve it if they work for it. All they have to do is make sure they do the work and never give up. There is no shortcut to becoming a black belt. It takes a lot of time and a lot of discipline to put in the work it takes to achieve it.

All of our black belts are expected to shoulder the responsibility of providing a positive example for others in the dojo, at home, at work, or even at school.

What kind of behavior(s) should a black belt aspire to?

  1. Act Honorably - Even though no one is perfect, we must strive for a higher standard of conduct. Remember, when you are a black belt, you are a superhero to all of the kids you come across. Children become what they see and hear. Be someone that makes a difference in the world.

  2. Attitude of Excellence - Have a higher standard of performance in life. Hold yourself accountable to being the best you can be. This goes far beyond martial arts, but in all aspects of living a successful life.

  3. Be Compassionate - Always show mercy and compassion to others. Empathy is one of the most important skills needed for us to function in society. Know that you have the strength to help others and then do something about it.

  4. Emotional Control - Emotions often get in everyone's way at times. Keep your negative emotions in check. This includes anger, discouragement, and even self-doubt. A disciplined warrior should never fall prey to emotional outbursts that cause them to act foolishly.

  5. Encourage and Inspire Others - Becoming a black belt also means to be become a leader. Friends, family, classmates, co-workers, and more probably look up to you in some way. A good black belt uses their words and actions to lift others up and push them forward in life. Remember, blowing out another person's candle does not make yours burn any brighter. Make an effort to be genuinely happy for others and their successes.

Even if you are not a black belt yet, you can start working on making a difference in the world around you by aspiring to these behaviors. Every person that has ever become a black belt started out in the same position you are in now. Becoming a black belt is a process that takes an amazing amount of time and practice, but the transformations that come are more than worth it! Remember, you get to choose the person you are becoming, and who you are becoming is a product of your own vision and belief!

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