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How Does Martial Arts Training Build Confidence?

We have all seen the training montages in martial arts movies. The student trains for a few weeks and is completely transformed into the ultimate warrior. The student has overcome all their fears and insecurities. While this may make for fun storytelling, it is obviously far from reality. Martial arts training can last a lifetime, not just a few weeks. Our own insecurities and fears do not go away in just a few short sessions.

When you think of a black belt, you probably imagine an unstoppable fighting machine. You may have even had the thought that if you earn a black belt, your confidence problems will go away. You may have had the thought that if you were a black belt, you would have no problem asking the girl out that you have had a crush on since forever. You may have thought that job interviews would be a breeze if you had just earned that black belt. The truth is that black belts are just people. However, they are people who have developed certain strengths and wisdom about themselves. What if I told you that you have black belt qualities already? Consistent martial arts training forces us to challenge ourselves in ways we would never have done on our own. Each time we are taken out of our comfort zone, we grow stronger. Our own unique talents and aptitudes start to reveal themselves to us. We slowly become more confident as we conquer each new and unique challenge. We learn that despite the fear, we can achieve more. There are no shortcuts to excellence.

You may know someone who has earned the rank of black belt. You have probably noticed that they have an air of confidence about them that makes things seem easy. The truth is that they have the same fears as the rest of us. The difference is that they have faced their fears on numerous occasions and know how to overcome it to achieve their goals. They learned this through long-term training and constantly challenging themselves to grow out of their comfort zones.

Be patient and challenge yourself daily. You have what it takes, but you have to start something to achieve something!

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