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Discipline Your Mind to Overcome Discouragement

Discouragement is the true killer of dreams. As long as we don't give in to it, things will work themselves out. It is only when we give up that we are truly defeated. When things are difficult, the true value of discipline will show itself. Discipline the mind to only deal with the things within your influence. When you focus on anything else, it is only wasted time and energy. People regularly make themselves miserable and even sick thinking about the things they have no control over. Often times when you let go of the emotional reaction to your circumstances, it will lose its power over you.

The mind of a disciplined warrior is clear and is not bothered by the non-essential. The disciplined warrior only entertains thoughts that keep them motivated and strong.

Discouragement is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome on the path to black belt, and has driven many to give up even when they were well on their way. Too often they give up and quit right before the victory!

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