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Black Belt Excellence

Black Belt Excellence

What is black belt excellence? Black belt excellence means to apply full effort into whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. It is committing to a high standard of expectation, no matter what level you are currently at. What consists of a high standard is subjective and depends on your own level and your goals.

There is no dishonor in failing. A person can do everything right, do all that they can possibly do, and still fail. No one wins every battle, but you can keep your head held high even in defeat as long as you know you put it all on the line. Don't forget, a person cannot give more than their absolute best. After that, the outcome is out of their control. In this, pursuing black belt excellence in all you do will help you avoid any regrets. You may struggle, you may fail, but as long as you know you gave it your all, there is honor even in defeat or any failures.

How we react to failures and defeats is another part of black belt excellence. Black belt excellence also means to keep a winner's mindset. Even when facing disappointment, a winner uses the experience to learn. A winner re-analyzes their strategy and preparation. They make needed adjustments. They study in the areas that they are weak. They are honest with themselves, their own shortcomings and work on correcting it. Someone with a winning black belt mindset does not shift blame to others. They take responsibility for themselves and their own actions. A winner takes ownership of their own preparation. Sometimes we come up against obstacles or opponents that we just can't overcome. Sometimes a person just doesn't measure up to the challenges in front of them. The winner's mindset uses these situations to grow and evolve. Losses get turned into stepping-stones to greater achievement instead of stumbling blocks. Black belt excellence leaves room for constant evolution and improvements.

Black Belt Excellence is:

1. Applying full effort into what you do

2. Committing to a high standard of expectation for yourself

3. Using setbacks as opportunities for growth

4. Being honest with yourself

5. Recognizing your flaws and working on them

6. Taking responsibility for your own actions, successes, and failures

7. Uses losses as a stepping-stone to greater achievement

8. Leaving room for constant improvement

9. Being humble enough to learn and listen to others

10. Being disciplined to train and prepare for success

Black Belt Excellence is NOT:

1. Falling prey to discouragement

2. Allowing past defeats define who you are

3. Blaming others for your own failures

4. Letting circumstances define who you are

5. Allowing pride to stop us from continuing to learn

6. Skipping training sessions

7. Listening to negative thoughts

8. Making excuses for failing to prepare

9. Allowing your emotions to sabotage your goals

10. Being excessively critical of yourself or others

One could write pages about what black belt excellence means to them. In your own quest to achieve black belt excellence, use this list as a guide to help you along the way. The road to black belt is hard and you will face many truths about yourself. You may not like what you find, but it will cause you to grow as a person as well as a martial artist. Frustration may become your mortal enemy at times. Remember to persevere and you will the rewards that come with achieving your goals with excellence!

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